We have been established for over 50 years, serving both domestic and contract clients for upholstery and reupholstery.



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Fabrics by vescom is a collection of interior fabrics, upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics, for professional interior design. The distinctive feature of these fabrics is the combination of functionality and beauty. The products not only satisfy all the requirements of the contract market; they are also highly pleasing to the eye.

The collection of upholstery fabrics consists of 17 patterns combined in two binders. The new collection of curtain fabrics consists of 19 patterns also  combined in two binders. Each pattern has its own structure, its own look and feel. Each fabric type is also available in a wide range of colours. This all means Vescom can offer you the right solution for any interior.

As with our wallcovering collections the new fabrics will be regularly refreshed, added to and kept up to date.

Vescom develops and produces interior fabrics for the contract market. What makes our collection so special is the combination of technical and aesthetic perfection. Each fabric is suitable for intensive use. At the same time the fabric has a rich and high quality appearance usually reserved for fabrics in the high end and residential sector.

Fabrics by vescom is a varied collection with much attention paid to the tactile quality, structure and pattern. Each fabric has its own individual feel and look. With these products Vescom wants to offer architects and designers the materials to raise their interior designs to a higher level.

Vescom forms part of Vescom Group.